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Visby Round Font Free Download | Visby Family Font| Visby Font Generator: The Visby font is a new, refreshing, and elegant take on sans-serif typefaces. Designed by Xavier Dupré and released in 2020, its soft, rounded letters create a friendly and approachable vibe perfect for display usage.

In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about the Visby font including how to download it for free in TTF format, tips for using it in designs, and tools like the Visby font generator that make it easy to create custom Visby text and graphics.

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We’ll also cover details on the Visby CF font family and licensing. Read on to learn how this free font can lend a graceful touch of Scandinavian minimalism to your next project.

How to Download the Visby Round Font for Free in TTF Format

One of the best aspects of Visby is that it’s available to download and use completely free of charge for both personal and commercial use. Designed as a passion project, Xavier Dupré chose not to charge money for Visby, meaning anyone can access and experiment with this versatile modern font.

To download the Visby font for free in TTF format, simply go to Xavier Dupré’s website and click the download link. This will allow you to get the font files in OTF and TTF formats. The download includes three weights – Visby CF regular, Visby CF medium, and Visby CF bold. Once downloaded, you can install Visby on your computer just like any other font. It will then be available across software like Microsoft Word, Adobe Creative Cloud programs, Canva, and more.

Tips for Using the Visby CF Font Family

When using Visby in your own designs, keep these tips in mind:

– Visby works best when used large – it helps the rounded shapes take center stage. For maximum impact, use it at 60 points or larger.

– Though it has some personality, Visby still retains a classic neutrality. For this reason, it combines well with other clean modern fonts from the Visby CF font family or other sans-serif families.

Don’t overcrowd your design with too much text. Visby’s letterforms have an inherent softness – use lots of white space around the font.

– Visby’s uniformity works great on short headings and titles. Use it sparingly for longer paragraphs.

– Play around with letter spacing (tracking) to make the words looser or tighter as needed. Wider spacing adds modern flair.

– Try out the font in different colors and combinations. Its simplicity gives you lots of flexibility.

Visby Fonts Download or Generate Online Free or Buy Original

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Visby CF Font Family and Licensing

The Visby CF font family includes regular, medium, and bold weights which you can download for free. This gives you flexibility within the elegant Visby style. It’s licensed under the SIL Open Font License, which means it can be used freely for both personal and commercial projects. No attribution or credit is needed when using the Visby CF font family.


The graceful roundedness of the letters in the Visby font gives it a light, friendly vibe that works beautifully in display usage. Paired with its Scandinavian minimalism and free availability in TTF format, it has quickly become a popular choice for adding modern flair to designs across mediums. Whether you download the Visby CF font family for desktop use or generate it through an online tool, its versatility makes it perfect for titles, logos, branding, and more. For a font that balances simplicity with style, embrace the soft modernity of Visby.

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