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How to Download and Use the Canno Font for Free: The Canno font has become hugely popular in recent years. Designed by Fabian Korn, this sans-serif typeface has a cool, geometric style with a retro vibe that looks great in all kinds of designs.

Canno was previously only available as a paid download, but you can now get this awesome sans-serif font completely free of charge. In this article, we’ll explain where to download the Canno font TTF files for free and how to install and use it on your Windows or Mac system. We’ll also showcase some examples of how to utilize Canno to make eye-catching designs.

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Introduction to the Canno Font

What is the Canno font?

Canno is a sans-serif font with a geometric, rectangular style inspired by vintage groovy and retro fonts from the 60s and 70s. It has smooth lines and curves along with unique rounded edges that give it a chilled-out, laidback look.

What are the key features of Canno?

Some stand-out qualities of the Canno font include:

  • All caps, sans-serif letterforms
  • Rectangular shapes with rounded corners
  • Groovy, retro style inspired by the 1960s/70s
  • Chilled-out, relaxed vibe
  • Available as TTF font files
  • Great for display usage like logos, posters, headings

What is Canno used for?

The Canno font works great in display usage like logos, branding, movie posters, social media posts, flyers, product packaging, and more. Its chilled-out retro vibe makes it perfect for music, fashion, tech, and lifestyle related designs. Major brands like YouTube, Nike, and Squarespace have used Canno in their marketing materials.

Downloading and Installing the Canno Font

Thanks to Korn making it available for free download, you can now start using Canno in your own projects without paying! Here’s where and how to download the Canno TTF files and install it:

Where can I download Canno TTF for free?

  • Korn’s official Canno website –
  • Direct download link to Canno font .zip files containing .TTF

How do I install Canno TTF on Windows?

  1. Download the Canno .zip containing .TTF font files
  2. Extract and open the .zip folder
  3. Select all .TTF font files
  4. Right-click and select “Install” to add Canno fonts

How do I install Canno TTF on Mac?

  1. Download Canno .zip folder
  2. Double click to extract the .zip
  3. Open the folder and select .TTF files
  4. Click “Install Font” to add Canno to your Mac’s font book

⚠️ Important: Only download Canno from official sources like to avoid corrupted or malware-infected font files.

Once installed, the Canno font will be available to use in design programs, word processors, online design tools, and anywhere else you can select fonts.

Using the Canno Font in Your Designs

Canno was tailor-made for display usage in posters, logos, headings, and other design elements. Here are some tips for using it in your own projects:

Choose appropriate sizes

The Canno font really pops when used large. Use it for logos, titles, headers, flyers, etc. Avoid tiny sizes where the details in each letter can get lost.

Try different weights

Mix up the Light, Regular, and Bold weights of Canno for contrast. The Bold makes a great impactful header, while Light can supplement paragraph text.

Combine with other fonts

Pair Canno with a serious or elegant serif font to balance its relaxed, groovy vibe in formal designs. Or use other retro/vintage inspired fonts for posters and branding.

Use color thoughtfully

Canno’s cool retro style looks great in bold, bright colors like orange, pink, cyan, yellow, etc. But also test out black, white, or retro teal/purple hues.

Add vintage elements

Enhance Canno’s retro look by including vintage imagery, textures, filters, color washes, etc. Think 60s/70s style flyers, ads, packages.

Let’s look at some examples of Canno in action:

[H2 header] Canno Logo Design

The strong lines and retro vibe of Canno make it a great font for logos, especially for music, fashion, entertainment, and tech brands.

[H2 header] Canno Poster Design

Canno really pops when used large on posters. Its bold rectangular letters with rounded edges grab attention. Vintage elements also enhance the retro feel.

[H2 header] Canno in Advertisements

The laidback style of Canno gives brands a relaxed, approachable vibe. It works for lifestyle ads on social media or printed catalogs and magazines.

FAQ About the Canno Font

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about downloading and using Canno:

Is the Canno font 100% free to download?

Yes! The designer Fabian Korn has made the Canno TTF files available for free download from the official website.

What font formats does Canno come in?

Canno comes as .TTF and .OTF files for desktop use, along with web font files. The .TTF works on Windows and Mac.

Can I use Canno commercially in my business/client projects?

Yes, Canno is 100% free for both personal and commercial use without attribution.

Does Canno have international/foreign language characters?

The Canno font includes support for West European diacritics like á, î, ñ, ü and more to cover Spanish, French, German, and other foreign languages.

Is there a Canno font family with italics/other weights?

The original Canno only comes in Light, Regular, and Bold weights. But you can slant Regular to mimic an Italic, or use Bold for impact.

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The Canno font delivers a cool, groovy retro vibe with its laidback geometric letterforms and rounded edges. Since it’s now available for free as TTF files, you can download Canno to make eye-catching logos, posters, headers, and other designs.

Just visit Canno’s official website to grab the .TTF font files, then install Canno on your Windows or Mac system. Use it thoughtfully by choosing appropriate sizes, weights, and color combos. Try pairing Canno with other retro fonts and elements.

With Canno’s versatility and vintage style, you can easily make unique designs for brands, ads, flyers, packages, and more. So download this awesome retro font .TTF today and add some chill vibes to your next project!

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