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Yamas Font Free Download, Yamas Font Style, Yamas Font Vk: Download the Stylish Yamas Font for Free. Yamas is a modern, geometric, sans-serif display font that has quickly become a favorite among designers since its release in 2020. Created by independent Serbian foundry Karlo Type, Yamas offers a stylish, artistic font free for personal and commercial use.

In this article, we’ll overview how to download this versatile font, tips for using it in your projects, and why Yamas is a great free font option for designers.

Yamas Font Free Download

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Introduction to the Yamas Font Style

Yamas features a sharp, techy aesthetic with strong lines and angles but maintains an artistic edge through its geometric letterforms. The font evokes a 1970s retro futurism style but still looks sleek and contemporary.

This makes Yamas highly flexible for display use in posters, titles, logos, headers, and branding. Its medium thickness and all-caps letters allow it to hold its own at large sizes and stand out against other design elements. Yamas offers a bit of quirkiness while remaining highly legible and functional.

The Yamas font includes extensive language support as well as numerals, punctuation, and modifiers to amplify its versatility. As a display font meant for titles, labels, and short text, it is best used sparingly and paired with a contrasting body text font.

Yamas Font Style

Sample of Yamas font in use

Sample of Yamas font in use

Where to Download the Yamas Font Free

Yamas is an open-source font licensed under SIL Open Font License, meaning it is completely free to download and use, including for commercial projects.

You can download the latest version of Yamas directly from the KarloType website:

Download Yamas Font

The download comes as a zipped folder containing OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF, and WOFF2 font files for installing across operating systems and platforms. Install the font files on your computer to use Yamas in desktop design programs.

For web use, make sure to also upload the WOFF and WOFF2 versions to your website CSS. This will make Yamas render smoothly across browsers. The font is optimized for on-screen display.

Using Variable Fonts

Yamas also comes in a variable font format allowing for customization of weight and slant. This means you can adjust letters from ultra-light to extra-bold and fine-tune their angle. Variable fonts create limitless variations from a single file.

The variable Yamas font allows the same letterforms to take on different stylistic personalities simply by tweaking their weight and slant settings. This makes the font even more adaptable to your projects.

Tips for Using the Yamas Font

When using Yamas, keep in mind these tips:

  • It’s designed solely as a display font, so use it sparingly and intentionally. Avoid lengthy body text.
  • Pair Yamas with simple, legible body text fonts. Good sans-serif choices include Roboto, Montserrat, or Lato. For serifs try PT Serif or Libre Baskerville.
  • Use for attention-grabbing titles, logos, posters, and headers. Its strong personality shines at large sizes.
  • Adds a modern, artistic edge for titles over photographs, text boxes, or backgrounds.
  • For extra impact, use the variable font to increase weight and amplify its futuristic vibe.
  • Works well in retro, tech, startup, or future-focused aesthetics.
  • Maintains legibility at small sizes like labels, captions, or details.

See how Yamas looks paired with the PT Serif body font:

Yamas font sample in use

Yamas Font Vk

Yamas pairs nicely with body fonts like PT Serif

Why Designers Should Use This Font

Yamas brings versatility, style, and character to your projects for free. Here are some of the benefits of adding this font to your library:

  • Completely free – no license needed for commercial applications
  • Artistic style – adds a modern flair with its geometric letterforms
  • Easy to integrate – optimized for both desktop and web
  • ** Flexible** – variable font allows limitless variations
  • Cross-platform – works seamlessly on Mac/PC and all browsers
  • Google font – widely accessible and easy to find
  • Great for display use – eye-catching at larger sizes

Whether you need a polished logo font, attention-grabbing title, or sleek header, Yamas can add a stylish edge. Its quirky, geometric vibe helps designs stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yamas font best used for?

Yamas works best as a display and accent font. Use it for elements like logos, headers, titles, signage, posters, and other large text. Avoid setting long passages in Yamas.

Is the Yamas font free for commercial use?

Yes, Yamas is 100% free for both personal and commercial projects. You can use it in monetized designs for clients without needing any license.

What font pairings work well with Yamas?

Good complementary fonts include legible serifs like PT Serif, Libre Baskerville, Merriweather, and body sans-serifs like Lato, Roboto, Montserrat. Avoid ornate, scripty decorative fonts.

Can I use Yamas as a logo font?

Definitely! Yamas has a memorable, iconic look perfect for logos, branding, and headers. Just be sure to pair it with a more readable font for any additional text.

Is Yamas available on Google Fonts?

Yes, you can access Yamas through Google Fonts for easy use on your website projects. It has robust web support.


With its stylish geometric letterforms, slick modern vibe, and free commercial licensing, the Yamas font is a versatile and compelling choice for display use. Download Yamas to add standout titles, logos, posters, and headers to your designs.

Remember to pair Yamas with a complementary body font and use its variable features to customize your typography. Yamas allows designers to make a bold artistic statement with its retro futuristic aesthetic.

Try out this free font in your next project to see how you can use its unique style. Feel free to share your Yamas creations!

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