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Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in the Upside Down? Well, you’re in luck! Our Stranger Things font generator is here to make your text look like it’s come straight from the hit TV show. So put away the alphabet boxes and get ready to type up a storm!

ITC Benguiat is the font used in Stranger Things TV Series. It is a condensed style font with matching italics and can be found in three weights. How Do You.

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Introduction Stranger Things Font Generator

Welcome to our Stranger Things Font Generator – a simple tool designed to help you replicate the like of the classic Stranger Things ’80s era font. Whether you’re looking for a strong and bold headliner, distinct body text, or a passing title per the show itself, our generator can assist in enabling you to instantly create your own vintage-style text style. Perfect for designing movie posters, album covers and more!

Simply type your words or phrase into the text box below and click on “Generate”. In seconds, you’ll be able to see your creations instantly come to life – no downloads or extra software required. Have fun experimenting with our Stranger Things font generator and let us know what types of designs you come up with!

Types of Stranger Things Fonts

The hit Netflix show “Stranger Things” has become a fan favorite for many viewers. You can commemorate the show’s popularity by creating your own Stranger Things related artwork, social media posts and more. One way to do this is by using a Stranger Things font generator.

There are several different types of Stranger Things fonts to choose from, each designed to accurately mimic the style of the characters and text in the show. From cursive lettering to neon beaming fonts, you can find a font style that speaks directly to your design project needs. Here are some of the most popular fonts:

-Upside Down – This typeface pays homage to one of the most iconic visual motifs throughout Stranger Things, and emulates the lights seen coming from The Upside Down realm. It’s instantly recognizable as something connected with “Stranger Things” due to its unique neon lettering style.

-Hawkins – This retro cursive font is based on the signature Stranger Things logo, which features prominently on posters and other promotional material for the show. It features cute curves that evoke nostalgia for classic 80s horror films without being too cartoonish or tacky-looking.

-Alpharetta Ghost – This brush script font captures an old spooky vibe that is perfect for any Halloween or horror themed designs related to “Stranger Things”. Its eerie look gives off an apocalyptic atmosphere futuristic vibe while still seeming classic and inviting at first glance.

-Benedictine – A modern take on a timeless classic font, Benedictine combines sleekness with elegance in order to give your creations both a vintage as well as modern atmosphere all at once! Benedictine is ideal for vintage/elegant designs with a special touch inspired by classic literature, film posters and other classy items connected with 80s vibes

Benefits of Using a Stranger Things Font Generator

Using a Stranger Things font generator can provide a broad range of benefits for people who are looking to represent the world of Hawkins in their artwork or design. With this type of font generator, you can easily generate words, phrases and other designs featuring fonts from the hit Netflix show. This will let you capture the essence of the 80s as seen on Stranger Things and evoke nostalgia for viewers seeking an authentic representation of the world combined with a modern twist.

Not only does this type of Generator provide users with distinct fonts and design elements associated with Stranger Things, but it also enables creative freedom by offering various customizations according to their preferences such as color, size, orientation and more. Additionally, some generators even allow users to add images or photos to the fonts they are creating in order to make them even more unique and personalised.

Finally, using a Stranger Things font generator is fast and easy – all that is required is some basic knowledge on how they work – making it accessible to anyone regardless of their level of design experience. In conclusion, if you’re looking for creative ways to add a touch of 80s nostalgia and subtle nods to Stranger Things into your artwork or designs – then using a font generator could be just what you need!

How to Use a Stranger Things Font Generator

Using a Stranger Things font generator is a great way to bring a little bit of the show’s unique style into your own design projects. A Stranger Things font generator is an online tool that allows you to quickly and easily create custom text using the typefaces seen in the show. The process is straightforward, and this guide will walk you through it step-by-step.

First, make sure to have an idea of what you would like your text to say before you begin. Then, go to the Stranger Things Font Generator website where you will be prompted to enter your phrase or message in the designated text field. You can then select from two different typefaces seen in the show – Neon and Old School – or opt for a mix of both types. A preview of your text in either font can be viewed on the right side of the page.

The next step is to adjust customizable settings such as color, size, or glow effects until you get just the right look for your message. Once all settings are correct, click “generate” and download your finished creation! With a few simple steps, you can now make messages as stylish as they are spooky!

Tips for Choosing the Right Stranger Things Font

Choosing the right font for your Stranger Things-themed designs can be a difficult task. To help you in your search, here are some useful tips to consider when looking for a font that will fit the show’s aesthetic.

First, take a look at the classic font styles typically used in Stranger Things: bold sans-serifs and classic serifs with an emphasis on curves. These two fonts can help you create a vintage look as well as a modern one, depending on which style you go for. Additionally, consider fonts with subtle decorations or details – it doesn’t have to be too extravagant – but it should add some personality and charm to your design.

Next, make sure to look for fonts that are appropriate for the type of project that you have in mind. For example, if you are creating apparel designs with Stranger Things listed on them, choose fonts that will be suited for high visibility such as classic bold sans-serifs and serifs with opened counters and sharp edges like capitals. This will help ensure that your design looks crisp and clean even when printed on fabric or clothing items.

When choosing fonts, it’s also essential to take a look at how legible they are and how distinct they look compared to other styles of typefaces. Many designers opt for display font formats due to their unique appearance – however these may not be always suitable depending on the context you are using them in – so keep this in mind before making your final selection too quickly!

Finally, don’t forget about color! Opting for warm tones like fiery oranges or deep blues can give your design an extra edge while creating extra visual impact at the same time. And if you play your cards right – all these little details can create something truly memorable when it comes Stranger Thing themed designs!

Examples of Popular Stranger Things Fonts

If you’re looking to replicate classic Stranger Things text for your own designs, there are several commonly used fonts that may help. While there are many commercial and free font options available, here are a few examples of popular fonts seen on the show:

* Benguiat Bold – most closely resembles the Stranger Things logo and was used prominently in the show’s opening credits. This commercial font can be purchased online.
* ITC Benguiat – also known as ITC Benguiat Bold, this thinner variant of the original Benguiat Bold was used throughout season 3.
* OpenDyslexic – this free font was designed with clarity in mind and has been featured throughout the show’s posters, logos, and marketing materials.
* Bebas Neue – this sans-serif font is often used for shorter headlines or captions in Stranger Things materials. It is available for both commercial and free use online.
* Gizmodo – a sturdy slab serif used throughout many different applications of Stranger Thing’s branding such as titles for posters or product packaging. This font can be purchased online.

Although not an exact match to any single typeface seen on the show, a combination of Bebas Neue, OpenDyslexic, Gizmodo and other commonly-used fonts can create a similar aesthetic when formed into a cohesive design package.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Stranger Things Font Generator

Using a Stranger Things font generator can be a great way to get the perfect look for your project. Fonts are an important part of any design, which makes them key to creating the perfect Stranger Things-inspired project. When selecting a font, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of using a Stranger Things font generator.

The main advantage of using such a generator is that it allows you to customize your font quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can pick the perfect typeface for your project and make sure that it matches the tone of your storyline. Additionally, having access to pre-made fonts saves time as you don’t have to worry about having to install extra software or fonts on your computer in order to make use of them.

However, one downside is that most font generators will not offer extensive typeface selection options — they are limited in size and styles, so it might be difficult to find something truly unique or special. Furthermore, their customization features can also be very limited in range compared with what is available when working with individual fonts manually. Finally, some generators may contain typefaces which are copyright-protected and should be used with caution as they may result in legal trouble if used without permission from the copyright holder.


In conclusion, the Stranger Things font generator can be used to create a variety of designs using the classic title font from the hit series. It is an excellent tool for graphic designers who want to quickly and easily generate text that fits perfectly with their artwork. The results are sure to add a striking, distinctive touch to any design. With its versatile design elements, the Stranger Things font generator is an incredibly useful tool for a wide variety of projects. Add some 1980s nostalgia to your designs today!

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