Stay Wild Tattoo Font Free Download

Stay Wild Tattoo Font Free Download: Unleash Your Rebellious Side with the Free Stay Wild Tattoo Font. Tattoo-inspired fonts are becoming hugely popular, even outside of tattoo shops. The edgy, rebellious style of tattoo lettering translates perfectly to street wear fashion, murals, branding and more.

One font that captures the daring and non-conformist spirit of tattoos is Stay Wild. This bold font is free to download and full of attitude. Keep reading to learn more about using Stay Wild to add urban flair to your designs.

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Stay Wild Tattoo Font Free Download

The Origin Story of the Stay Wild Tattoo Font

Stay Wild first emerged in 2018 from Malaysian type designers Kai and Adi. They expertly crafted the font to encapsulate the hand-drawn essence of tattoo lettering.

This font features thick, solid lines with sharp edges. The spacing between letters is tight but readable. There are small flourishes that add a human touch, reminiscent of a tattoo artist’s work.

It comes in two main styles – Stay Wild Normal and Stay Wild Shadow. The Shadow style has a two-tone 3D effect. This mimics shading and dimension of real tattoos.

Both versions have a rebellious, non-conformist look that fits perfectly for edgy, urban designs. Beyond tattoos, it works great for streetwear fashion, skate and surf branding, album covers, flyers, and more.

Where to Score a Free Download of Stay Wild

Luckily, there are a few places online that offer Stay Wild available for free download:

  • DaFont: This popular font repository has the full Stay Wild font free for personal use.
  • FontGet: You can download the Normal style of Stay Wild here for free.
  • UrbanFonts: This site offers the Shadow style for free download.

When downloading any font, be sure to carefully review licensing restrictions for commercial work. Avoid pirated font sites offering freebies.

Once you’ve downloaded the Stay Wild OTF or TTF file, install it on your computer. Then it will be accessible across your design programs.

Formatting Tips and Usage for Stay Wild

When working with Stay Wild in your designs, keep these formatting tips in mind:

  • Increase the font size substantially, at least 36pts and higher for headers. Size down for body text.
  • Adjust kerning between letters so some pairs are tight, others more spread out.
  • Leading should also vary between tight and more loose.
  • Fill letters with solid blacks or bright colors representative of tattoo ink.
  • For text hierarchy, combine different weights and styles like Shadow + Normal.
  • Use Stay Wild sparingly, like for titles and quotes. Pair with a clean secondary font.

Some examples of how to effectively use Stay Wild include:

  • Tattoo designs – Great for shop logos, flash sheets, merch.
  • T-shirt graphics – Add headings, motifs, prints with Stay Wild.
  • Street art, murals – Use as the focal point against a graffiti background.
  • Music branding – Album/song titles, concert posters, band logos.
  • Invites – Wedding, parties, or any edgy event.

Get creative with Stay Wild to make bold, eye-catching designs full of urban edge.

Stay Wild Font Free Download / Generator Online Free or Buy Original

Download & get all paid & free features of the Font. We recommend getting the font from official source only, as we don’t encourage illegal download and use of it.

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FAQs About the Stay Wild Font

Here are answers to some common questions about downloading and using Stay Wild:

What file formats does the Stay Wild font come in?

Stay Wild is available for free download in OTF or TTF files. Install these on your computer to access in programs.

Is Stay Wild free for commercial use?

Only certain styles are free for personal use. You need a commercial license for client work. Ask the vendor about licensing.

What programs can I use Stay Wild in?

You can access installed Stay Wild fonts across programs like Canva, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.

What point size should I use Stay Wild at?

Stay Wild looks best at larger sizes, like 36pts and above. Reduce to 18-24pts for paragraph text.

What fonts pair nicely with Stay Wild?

Try combining Stay Wild with clean, simple sans serif fonts like Helvetica, Arial, or Gill Sans.


The rebellious Stay Wild font authentically captures the hand-drawn style of tattoo lettering. Use this edgy font in your urban streetwear designs, murals, tattoos, and more.

Remember to properly download Stay Wild from trusted font sites like Betterfonts. And carefully check the usage rights before applying this tattoo font in your commercial projects.

With Stay Wild you can infuse your work with undeniable edge and attitude. So go ahead – unlock your inner rebel!

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