Noir Pro Font Family Free Download – TTF, Bold, Medium, Light

Noir Pro Font Family Free Download: Getting the Noir Pro Font Family for Free. The Noir Pro font family is one of the most popular modern and minimalist sans-serif typefaces. Designed by Pieter van Rosmalen, this font family features a clean, geometric look perfect for contemporary graphic design. Noir Pro comes with 8 font weights and matching italics for versatility. While Noir Pro is a premium font, there are a few ways aspiring designers and artists can download and use this professional-grade font for free.

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Noir Pro Font Family Free Download

An Introduction to the Noir Pro Font

Released in 2013 by Dutch foundry HVD Fonts, Noir Pro has become a staple font for many designers. Its simple letterforms and slim structure make it great for projects like logos, websites, posters, branding, and product packaging. Noir Pro has a contemporary vibe suited for fashion, technology, and modern brands wanting an up-to-date look.

The Noir Pro font family comes fully equipped with 8 weights – Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, Black – and matching italic versions. This allows designers to use Noir Pro fonts effectively for both body text and headlines. Lighter weights like Light work well for paragraphs while bolder ones like Black make eye-catching titles.

Noir Pro also has multilingual support, featuring accented Latin characters for languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French. The geometric letter shapes allow it to render well on screens for digital projects. Noir Pro has become popular both for display use and for print media.

Downloading Free Noir Pro Fonts

Noir Pro is a premium font that retails starting at $199 for the full family. However, there are a few ways aspiring creatives can access and download Noir Pro for free:

Adobe Fonts

Noir Pro is available on Adobe Fonts for those with a Creative Cloud subscription. CC plans start with just one font, but upgrading to a higher tier gives access to the entire Adobe Fonts library including the full Noir Pro family.

Free Font Sites

Many free font websites like Font Squirrel offer limited free versions of premium fonts. Font Squirrel provides a Noir Pro Light desktop font that can be used free of charge. Other weights may be available on similar sites.

Free Trials

Foundries like MyFonts often allow free trials before buying expensive font families. Designers can download the full Noir Pro family through a free trial and use it for a limited period like 30 days before purchasing.

Student Discounts

Students studying design or art can often get student discounts of up to 75% off premium fonts like Noir Pro when purchased through font sellers and foundries. Student ID may be required.

Using the Noir Pro Font Responsibly

When downloading Noir Pro fonts for free from third-party sites, it is important to pay close attention to the license terms. Most free fonts are for personal use only. Commercial and professional use often requires purchasing a font license.

Many free font versions are incomplete or altered in some way. The full Noir Pro family is always preferable for professional design work and client projects. Evaluate whether a project truly requires the font before using free versions commercially.

Noir Pro Font Weights and Styles

One of the biggest advantages of the Noir Pro font family is its impressive variety of font weights and styles. Here is an overview:

  • Noir Pro Thin – Extremely light weight for an airy, delicate text look. Use sparingly for body text.
  • Noir Pro Light – Light and crisp-looking with decent readability. Works well for long paragraphs.
  • Noir Pro Regular – The standard weight that provides a balanced, neutral appearance. Excellent for a variety of uses.
  • Noir Pro Medium – A step above regular with bolder letters. Useful for making things stand out.
  • Noir Pro SemiBold – A popular bold choice great for headlines and titles that need emphasis.
  • Noir Pro Bold – Strong and attention-grabbing for high-impact headlines. Very versatile weight.
  • Noir Pro ExtraBold – Heavy, blocky letters for a striking ultra-bold look when needed. Use sparingly.
  • Noir Pro Black – The heaviest Noir Pro weight for maximum impact. Great for prominent titles and short text.

Combining Noir Pro with Other Fonts

Noir Pro’s clean simplicity helps it pair well with a variety of sans-serif fonts for font combinations. Here are some examples of complementary fonts:

  • Helvetica – Another famously minimalist and modern sans-serif font. Pair with Noir Pro for contemporary graphic design.
  • Futura – Futura’s geometric letterforms mesh nicely with Noir Pro’s structure. Try combining Futura with Noir Pro Light/Medium.
  • Avenir – Avenir has elegantly rounded letters compared to Noir Pro’s sharp corners, creating an aesthetically pleasing contrast.
  • Gill Sans – The British Gill Sans has quirky, stiff letterforms that complement Noir Pro’s style. Makes a fresh-looking headline pairing.
  • Proxima Nova – Mixing Proxima Nova, with its rounded terminals, with Noir Pro makes for an eye-catching modern combination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Noir Pro available in italic?

Yes, each of the 8 Noir Pro weights comes with a matching italic version for greater visual variety.

Is Noir Pro a web font?

Noir Pro can be used for web design when self-hosted or using a web font service like Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts. It renders well on screens.

Is Noir Pro suitable for body text?

Lighter weights like Light and Regular work well for paragraphs. But Medium or SemiBold are preferable for optimum readability at small sizes.

Can Noir Pro be used commercially?

Yes, commercial use requires purchasing a desktop license or web font subscription. Free versions typically limit commercial use rights.


With its minimalist, contemporary letterforms, the Noir Pro font family has become a go-to choice for modern graphic design. By leveraging free trials, discounts and free lightweight versions available, both students and professionals can access this versatile font for personal and commercial projects. Noir Pro’s family of 8 weights and italics make it extremely flexible. Pair it with sans-serifs like Helvetica, Avenir, and Futura for stylish font combinations. Used responsibly, Noir Pro can level up any design.

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