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Typography can instantly establish the mood and era of a design. One font that has retro style written all over it is Gee. This funky, free font takes inspiration from the looping handwriting and signage of the 1970s. With its playful letterforms and nostalgic vibe, Gee is the perfect way to add a groovy touch to all kinds of designs and projects. This article will cover everything about obtaining the Gee font download and using it effectively.

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What is the Gee Font?

Gee is a casual cursive font designed by Sérgio Megre de Carvalho and released in 2018. The Brazilian graphic designer created it after being inspired by 1970s fashion magazines, ads, and album covers. Gee has a bouncing, handwritten look with rounded edges and a carefree feel. It comes in regular and outline styles and includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, marks, and accents.

Key Features of the Gee Font

Here are some of the defining characteristics of the Gee font:

  • Retro 1970s Aesthetic – Loopy letterforms reminiscent of 70s signage and handwriting
  • Cursive Style – Simulates informal cursive handwriting with connecting letters
  • Upper and Lowercase – Includes both cases for easy reading as a display font
  • Punctuation and Symbols – Contains all characters needed for display usage
  • Regular and Outline Versions – Alternate outlined look with retro color-in effect
  • Free for Personal Use – 100% free for non-commercial use cases

The Benefits of Using the Gee Font

Here are some of the advantages of using the fun, funky Gee font:

  • Instant Vintage Appeal – Evokes 1970s style with nostalgic familiarity
  • Adds Retro Flair – Gives a cool, groovy vibe to any project
  • Visual Impact – The bouncy letterforms grab attention as display text
  • Sets Casual Tone – Feels handwritten, playful, and inviting
  • Design Versatility – Suitable for variety of designs from ads to apparel
  • Complements Retro Themes – Works well with related 70s graphic elements
  • Easy to Read – Cursive style does not hurt legibility at display sizes

Where to Download the Gee Font Free

Gee is available as a direct free download from the creator’s Behance and Creative Market pages. Just click the download link on either site, choose your preferred format like .TTF or .OTF, and the font will download to your computer.

For even more retro font options, Gee can also be found for free on font sharing sites like FontSpace, Dafont, and FontGet. Always download fonts from official sources for safety.

How to Install and Use the Gee Font

On Windows:

  1. Open the Gee font file and click “Install”. Accept any licensing terms.
  2. The font will automatically install on your system for use.
  3. Open your design program and select Gee font for your text.

On Mac:

  1. Double click the Gee font file to open it, then click “Install Font”.
  2. Accept the licensing agreement when prompted.
  3. Open your design app and select Gee font from the font menu.

Now you can start using the groovy Gee font in your own designs, logos, images, and more! It works great on both digital and printed projects.

Effective Uses of the Gee Font

Here are some creative ways to use the retro-flavored Gee font for visual impact:

Posters – Gee grabs attention in 70s-style event, movie, or music posters. Use it large and colorful.

Logos – Add vintage character to logos for bars, restaurants, boutiques, or bands. Outline style gives a color-in effect.

Headers – Let Gee set the funky mood in headers for blogs, articles, captions, and titles with its bouncy vibe.

Ads – For ads or campaigns with a throwback flavor, use Gee to instantly teleport to the 70s.

Apparel – Gee is perfect for T-shirt designs, mugs, hats, or tote bags that need some far-out retro flair.

Social Media – Make social posts pop with eye-catching text using the curvy Gee font. Great for quotes and images.

Use Gee font sparingly and in short text chunks for maximum legibility and impact. Pair with bright, psychedelic colors and groovy graphics to complement the 1970s look.

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Gee Font Free Download FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about obtaining the free Gee font:

Is the Gee font 100% free?

Yes, Gee is completely free for personal, non-commercial use cases like student projects, hobby designs, and conceptual work. Commercial use requires purchasing a license.

What file formats does Gee come in?

Gee can be downloaded in common font file types including .TTF, .OTF, .WOFF, and .EOT. This covers you for any print, web, app, or other design needs.

Where can I download the Gee font for free safely?

Download directly from the creator’s Behance or Creative Market sites, or use trusted font sharing sites like FontSpace, Github, Dafont, and FontGet. Avoid dubious free font sites.

What programs can I use Gee font with?

Gee will work with all major design programs and software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, etc. It can even be used online with CSS.

Can I make changes or edits to the Gee font files?

No, the license does not allow altering or editing the Gee font files themselves in any way. You can style text with it applied but not modify the font.

Does Gee work well with other retro/vintage fonts?

Yes, Gee pairs beautifully with other script and display fonts from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Mix and match for added retro flair.


The free Gee font is a fabulous way to give your designs an authentic 1970s vibe with its curvy, casual letterforms. Just a few clicks lets you download this retro style right to your computer. Then get ready to add a playful, funky flair to all kinds of projects, from logos and ads to apparel and social media posts. With visual impact galore, the Gee font is sure to make your designs groove.

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