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Buinton Font Free Download | Buinton Font Generator: Create Custom Buinton-Style Fonts for Free. The Buinton font has become hugely popular for its stylish, contemporary aesthetic. However, licensing Buinton can cost up to $199. Fortunately, our free online font generator allows you to easily create your own custom Buinton-style fonts.

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Buinton Font Download

About the Buinton Font

Designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer, Buinton is a geometric sans-serif font. Key features include:

  • Circle-based letterforms for a soft, rounded look
  • Multiple weights from thin to black
  • Optical adjustments for improved readability
  • Support for various languages and scripts

Originally launched in 2019, Buinton has been widely adopted by brands and designers. It fills a niche for a softer, more readable geometric sans-serif compared to strict options like Futura.

Downsides of Using Buinton

While useful, Buinton has some downsides:

  • Expensive licensing fees up to $199 per font weight and style
  • Separate web font licenses required for website use
  • Cumbersome manual process to implement web fonts
  • Limits on modifications and customizations

For budget-conscious designers, these issues can make relying on Buinton impractical.

Buinton Font Generator – Key Benefits

Our font generator provides a free alternative to make custom Buinton-style fonts. Key benefits include:

  • Completely free – No licensing or subscription fees
  • Unlimited customization – Tweak every parameter
  • Web fonts included – Download ready-to-use files
  • Full ownership rights – Use, edit, modify as desired
  • Mimics Buinton remarkably – Great for logos, titles, posters

How the Buinton Font Generator Works

In three simple steps, you can make tailored Buinton fonts:

1. Select starting style – Choose sans serif for geometric base.

2. Customize font – Adjust weight, spacing, rounding, and more.

3. Download font files – Get desktop, web & app files.

That’s it! Use your fonts freely for commercial or personal projects.

Buinton font generator screenshot

Preview and customize your font

Comparison to Original Buinton

Our generator comes remarkably close to the real Buinton, as this Light version shows:

Buinton Light vs Generated Light comparison

For most uses like body text, logos, and headers, the customized fonts are virtually indistinguishable from Buinton.

Buinton Fonts Download / Generator Online Free or Buy Original

Download & get all paid & free features of the Font. We recommend getting the font from official source only, as we don’t encourage illegal download and use of it.

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FAQ about Buinton Fonts

How do I install the fonts?

Just double-click the desktop font files to install them on your computer.

Can I use the web fonts on my website?

Yes, our download provides the web fonts and CSS code needed to easily add them to any website.

Do I have full rights to use and modify?

Absolutely, you have unlimited rights to use, edit, or modify the fonts as you wish.


Don’t pay expensive fees for Buinton. Our free generator makes it fast and easy to create your own customized versions for any project.

Get started now at [https://betterfonts.com/] and design high-quality Buinton-style fonts in just minutes!

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