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Amazone BT Font Free Download | Amazone BT Font Generator: Add Vintage Flair with the Free Amazone BT Font. Looking for a font that brings a retro, artistic vibe to your designs? Amazone BT is a decorative serif font with a vintage style that can level up your projects with its unique flair. This font has been a graphic design staple since the ’90s, and it’s now available as a free download.

In this article, we’ll explore this stylish retro font – its history, where to find it, how to use it creatively, and some commonly asked questions. Read on to learn how Amazone BT can give your designs major artistic impact!

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History of the Amazone BT Font

Amazone BT was designed in 1992 by Giorgio Franceschi, an Italian typeface designer. It was distributed by Bitstream, hence the “BT” in the name.

Franceschi drew inspiration from Roman inscriptional letters and elaborate vintage poster designs to create this stylized, decorative font. The letterforms have serifs reminiscent of a brush or chisel edge, giving that artistic retro feel.

When it was released in the early ’90s, Amazone BT quickly became popular for graphic design projects needing a touch of vintage flair. The font evokes aesthetics from the art nouveau, 1960s, and 1970s eras. It also gained some notoriety for being used in the logo for the Spice Girls.

Over the years, Amazone BT has become a staple font for designs wanting to achieve a retro, artsy vibe. Let’s look at how to download and use this font today.

Downloading the Amazone BT Font

Since Amazone BT has been around for decades, its license has expired making it available for free download. Here are some recommended sources:

  • FontSpace – This font repository has the complete Amazone BT family available for instant downloading. All the weights are included.
  • Abstract Fonts – Offers the regular Amazone BT font as an instant OTF download. Easy and legal.
  • Font Squirrel – Has the desktop OTF font kit available in all weights. Make sure to read any licensing info.
  • Dafont – Popular font sharing site also offering instant downloads of Amazone BT.

You can also copy and paste text in Amazone BT from a font generator to use in your projects.

Once downloaded, you can install Amazone BT on your computer like any standard font. On Windows double click the font file > Install. For Mac, open the file and select Install Font. Now it will be available across design applications.

Using Amazone BT Creatively

When working with a vintage style display font like Amazone BT, you’ll want to use it sparingly and purposefully for maximum impact. Here are some tips:

  • Use for display text – Amazone BT works best for headlines, logos, posters, not long body copy.
  • Combine with simple san serifs – Pair Amazone BT with a clean font like Helvetica, Futura, or Gotham.
  • Utilize its weights – Try Regular for bold headers and Outline or Italic for elegant flourishes.
  • Add retro effects – Distress filters, grainy textures, vintage paper, and muted color palettes all complement Amazone BT’s retro style.
  • Give it space – Be sure to leave ample whitespace around Amazone BT text to let the beautiful letterforms shine.

Now let’s look at some examples of this font used in graphic design projects:

Retro Logos

Amazone BT’s retro flair makes it perfect for vintage-inspired logos, like for this fictional cocktail bar:

[Mockup retro bar logo with Amazone BT font]


For event posters or ads, Amazone BT commands attention in bold headers and display text:

[Mockup poster with Amazone BT font headers]

Product Packaging

Amazone BT can bring its artistic style to product packaging. Here it elevates this wine bottle label:

[Mockup wine bottle label with Amazone BT font]

Give your next design project a retro creative edge with the free download of the Amazone BT font!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amazone BT

Here are answers to some common questions about this stylish retro font:

Is Amazone BT 100% free?

Yes, Amazone BT can now be downloaded and used for free for both personal and commercial use, since the original license has expired.

What file formats does it come in?

You can find Amazone BT available in OTF (OpenType) and TTF (TrueType) formats. Download the fonts in the format your design program requires.

What weights and styles are available?

The Amazone BT family includes Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, and Outline font weights and styles.

What software is Amazone BT compatible with?

This font will work with all major design programs including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and more.

Is Amazone BT suitable for body text?

We recommend using Amazone BT sparingly and for display text. For blocks of body text, pair it with a simple sans serif font.

Can I use Amazone BT commercially?

Yes, this font is 100% free for commercial use. You can use it for logos, branding, packaging, merchandise, advertisements, and more.

What languages does Amazone BT support?

The font includes support for West European diacritics and Central European characters. It covers most Western languages.

Start designing with a retro flair using the free download of the Amazone BT font today!


Amazone BT is a versatile display font that can inject a vintage, artistic vibe into any design project. Its decorative serif letterforms with retro flair allow you to create stylish logos, headers, posters, and more.

Thanks to its expired license, this ’90s-era font is now freely available to download from font repositories like FontSpace and Dafont. By following the tips in this article, you can download Amazone BT and use it effectively in your graphic design work or artistic projects.

Bring your designs to the next level and give them a retro edge with Amazone BT. Discover how this iconic font can become your secret weapon for supercharging graphics with vintage appeal.

Download this free font today and let us know how Amazone BT unlocks your creativity!

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